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03 November 2009

Bio-essence BB cream

dear all,

just spotted this in Watsons.. is it just launched???
was very surprised to see that Vivien Hsu is now the spokesperson, replacing Gigi Lai. But isn't she spokesperson for Biotherm?

Vivien Hsu doesnt seem to age at all... ever pretty face

actually I don't use Bio-essence products at all, but I do use Ginvera. I ever worked in L.D. Waxson (coy of brands Bio-essence, Ginvera, Nugeno and Ebene) for a very short period of time. I think for similar products like Marvel Gel, Bio-essence is just a more expensive version of Ginvera. So I always go for Ginvera. Of cos their product line differs, Bio-essence seems to be targeting women of 25 and above whereas Ginvera is targetting a younger group.

was reading the ingredient listing for Bio-essence BB cream, and it seems not bad. However, unable to get a more detailed listing from the coy website. The BB cream was not even listed as one of their product. Y ar?

so weird!!!

Has anyone tried it??? Pls comment!


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  2. I think Gigi is the better spokesperson. She's almost in her 40s and yet looks so great. Her skin is flawless as well. Too bad she has retired.
    Vivian is pretty young, so it's no surprise she has young-looking skin.

  3. i tink gigi lai is abt 38~40 yrs old... vivian hsu shd be abt 34~36 yrs... roughly there la

  4. Gigi Lai born 1971..Vivian Hsu 1975.


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